Tender # 584.


Tender Title: CNC Stone Processing Centre Location: Camolin, Wexford
Date Published: 26-Jun-2018 11:35 Deadline for Tenders: 17-07-2018 Approx Start Date Required: 01-09-2018
Industrial: Repair & Maint. / Installation / Extension Category: Stone Suppliers
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Full Tender Text:
Tender Title: CNC Stone Processing centre
Deadline for Tenders: 21 days of upload date
Location: Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford
Start date required: September 2018
Development type: Commercial: Deliver/ Installation/ Commissioning
Category: Manufacture
Full Tender Text:
PC numerically controlled processing centre with 3 controlled X, Y, Z axes with automatic tool change for milling, boring, grinding, hollowing, inlaying, sculpturing and polishing marble and granite.
Main characteristics:
• Work table dimensions optimised for every requirement
• Axis acceleration and speed increased to reduce cycle times
• 15 kW electrospindle for excellent performance and finish quality
• High rotation speed: max. 12000 rpm
• Automatic tool release with ISO-40 cones, mechanical locking system and pneumatic release system with 7 Bar working pressure.
• Internal system with clean water which arrives directly inside the tool. Increased water flow rate for better cooling.
• Independent external closed-circuit system with liquid coolant via an air-air heat exchanger.
• Processor in line with the technology present on the market.
• Total connectivity and configurability with network systems and with optical/magnetic supports available on the market.
• Commercial components readily available on the market.
• Use of CAD-CAM applications on the PC on board the machine while the machine is carrying out the machining operation.
• Use of all the control functions while the m/c is working (adding new tools, modifying parameters, etc.).
• Working area (225 x 4900 inch).
Further details:
Best describes industry of applicant: Manufacture & Supplier of Marble, Granite , Quart and ceramic stone products to the Commercial and Domestic markets.
Further Details:
What type of stone do you require? Collection