Tender # 556.


Tender Title: Plumbing & Heating Maintenance Location: Ballymun, Dublin
Date Published: 2-Oct-2017 09:49 Deadline for Tenders: 27-10-2017 Approx Start Date Required: 01-12-2017
Commercial: Repair & Maint. / Installation / Extension Category: Plumbing Contractors
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Full Tender Text:
The operation and maintenance services provided under the contract should broadly include (but are not limited to) the following activities :
 Plant operation for the heating system
 Planned preventive maintenance of the plant and heating system and equipment
 Repair and maintenance of the gas detection system
 Repair and maintenance services of testing apparatus
 Repair and maintenance services for pumps, valves, taps and metal containers and machinery
Repair and maintenance services of pumps
 Repair and maintenance services of electrical machinery, apparatus and associated equipment
 Emergency call-outs and emergency maintenance
 Rectification of defects and carrying out of repairs, to include obtaining 3 comparative quotes where necessary
 Taking over new facilities for maintenance
 Condition surveys and the preparation of a forward maintenance plan and its annual update
 Statutory examinations and competent person duties
 Identification of the maintenance needs, planning, controlling and managing the maintenance regime in compliance with best industry practice and statutory requirements. This includes the provision of all necessary technical, management and professional expertise, functions (such as competent persons, authorised persons and responsible persons for the management of risk of Legionnaires’ disease, water hygiene management) and procedures to form a complete operation and maintenance regime.
 Responsibility for implementing PPM due to changes in regulations/legislation relevant to this contract
 Comprehensive Annual Report detailing works done, fully completed certificates and test sheets at the end of each year’s contract
 Consultancy service regarding plumbing
 Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services to plumbing and sanitary ware
 Miscellaneous repair and maintenance services
 Maintenance of the plant room


The principal objective of this contract is to obtain operation and maintenance services to ensure that the required performance standards, quality levels and other work requirements stated in this specification are achieved. The building services installations and utilities included in the contract shall be operated and maintained in optimum condition and at optimum levels of energy efficiency in full compliance with the relevant statutory obligations and to the satisfaction of the Ballymun Horizons.
The Contractor shall be responsible for providing a complete engineering and management solution for Ballymun Horizons operation and maintenance requirements and all that is necessary for the delivery of the required performance and/or for the execution of specified works activities including Labour and other personnel with appropriate skills, technical expertise and management expertise. Planned Preventative Maintenance, minor repairs and maintenance and emergency calls fall within the remit of this contract.
Further Details:
Which of the following best describes your project?Repair Maintenance work
What type of central heating system is in the building? Radiators
What plumbing fixtures are to be installed?None at present
Please provide details of any supporting documentation that you may have available. (If applicable)The Horizons Building is a purpose built, non profit, building that was built :
To provide a quality safe environment and facilities, in which community organisations addressing addiction issues can continue their work in a professional and ethical manner thereby providing a climate which facilitates the education growth and recovery of their clients with dignity and respect using education and therapeutic methodologies.
The building consists of 4 floors, totalling 20,000 square feet and is laid out as office, training and meeting rooms. There is a small kitchen on each floor, and also a set of toilets. There is 76 radiators, of various sizes, spread out over the 4 floors.

We are seeking a contractor to propose a new maintenance schedule for the heating and plumbing system, for a contract period of 3 years, which will be reviewed annually.
The Contractor will be required to tender a fixed price in respect of the works described.

The Contractor will also be required to tender a schedule of hourly rates in respect of any emergency or non scheduled works carried out.

The tender figures shall be fully inclusive of all plant, equipment, labour, travelling, disbursements, costs, expenses, profits, overheads & other preliminaries.

The only item(s) that shall be excluded from the fixed price and day-work rates shall be materials.
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product / service description, reference work etc)Following the closing date of application Ballymun horizons will review the applications against the requirements in order to short list applicants who will be invited to a meeting to discuss the tender, KPI\'s and expected outcomes in more detail.
All applicants will be expected to provide 3 references where the Board, or a consultant of their choice, will be able to go onsite and see the systems that the applicant maintains.
The successful applicant will then be invited back to finalise the service level agreement and agree KPI\'s.
All prospective tenders can be given access to gauge the specifications prior to the tender application by prior arrangement.

The applicant should disclose any event that may result in a conflict of interest in its tender.

Further information can be requested, via email to ballymunhorizonsltd@gmail.com, prior to Monday the 23rd of October.
Proposals should be submitted by email to ballymunhorizonsltd@gmail.com by 5pm on Friday the 27th of October.