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Tender Title: Labasheeda Tourism and Maritime Project Location: Ennis, Clare
Date Published: 18-May-2012 12:04 Deadline for Tenders: 31-05-2012 Approx Start Date Required: 30-06-2014
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11 May 2012 Labasheeda – Invitation to Tender

An investigation is to be commissioned following negotiation between a steering group from the village of Labasheeda, on the Shannon Estuary in Co Clare, and the Clare Local Development Company (CLDC) in Ennis. The investigation will be funded with LEADER+ support and is to provide foundation data, information and analysis upon which a community-led local development plan for the Labasheeda locality can be based.
The investigation is to commence no later than the end of June and should aim to be complete no later than the early autumn, 2012. This is in order that the results might inform a follow-on bid for development funding. LEADER+ ends in 2013 and the follow-on bid needs to be finalised and submitted during the autumn of 2012.
Governance and accountability
The investigation will be commissioned by a formally constituted Community Association of which the steering group will form the first Committee. The Community Association will contract with the successful tenderer and lay down guidelines for the conduct of the investigation, requirements for the reporting of its conclusions, and conditions for the release of funds.
The area for investigation
Labasheeda is the smallest ‘large village’ in Development Zone 2 of the Clare County Plan (2011-17) and lies on the south Clare coast between the ‘service town’ of Kilrush and the ‘large village’ of Killadysert. The Zone is characterised by falling population, poor settlement structure, limited accessibility and a modest level of social and community services.
For the purposes of the investigation, the name ‘Labasheeda’ comprises the whole headland on the south side of Clonderlaw Bay, extending eastwards as far as a line connecting the settlements of Clonderlay, Moyfadda and Coolin, and Errigul. The Community Association may elect to alter the precise geographical extent of the area but any such alterations are expected to be minor. The population of the area is in the order of 250.
Labasheeda is rural, remote and agricultural – but does have a strong historical link with the Shannon Estuary, with fishing and with boats. On the north-west side of the headland is Kilkerin Battery, one of several coastal gun sites constructed by the British to defend the Estuary from the growing threat of French naval attack in support of the United Irelanders in the 1790s. The small harbour in Labasheeda village itself is perfectly formed and an ideal location for water-related activities – but is no longer working infrastructure.
The surrounding areas
Labasheeda is more identifiable as part of the Shannon Estuary than as part of south County Clare. It is the large, appendix-like, low-lying headland immediately to the north east of Tarbert – and is centrally placed between the open sea and Limerick City. The surrounding areas are a complex balance of industry and natural environment. Shannon airport and the Free Zone lie nearby to the north east, while the land corridor from Ennis to Limerick are further to the east, with road tunnel, docks and hydro-electric generation beyond. The bauxite refinery and deep-water port of Foynes are to the south east, with ocean-going vessels passing regularly before the village. Tarbert and the cross-Shannon ferry are to the south west. Within the Estuary itself are wetlands, considerable birdlife, bottle-nosed dolphins and migratory species. Water-based leisure and recreational activities are generally on the increase across the mid-west region.
The Clare County Plan
The County Plan expects that Labashheeda will also grow and play a full part in the tourism potential, amenity value and quality of life in the Shannon Estuary. The related Objectives are 12.8 (tourism), 13.2 (rural services), 13.6 (agri-tourism) and 13.7 (harbour infrastructure). No particular actions are specified and no investment initiatives have been declared.
What Labasheeda is looking for
The people of Labasheeda are looking for thoughtful, intelligent assistance in describing a sustainable and environmentally responsible pathway forward from its current situation of decline and isolation. They do not wish to copy unthinkingly other development plans or models but prefer to build realistically and imaginatively on the resources at their disposal. They want to sense community ownership of whatever plan might emerge and coherence with the overall direction of the County Development Plan. It follows that, from the outset, they wish to be involved in the investigation, not merely observers of it, and genuinely to sense the encouragement of supporting institutional partnerships. Above all, they want to receive high quality, relevant information on which to base their forward decision-making – and a friendly, respectful companion at the commencement of their community’s journey into the future.
The experience and skills required
The successful tender will demonstrate:
• involvement in projects where the community has led the agenda
• expertise in sociological investigation and methods
• maritime experience and understanding
• evidence of building capacity and self-belief in community projects
• experience in EU project design, bidding and delivery
• competence in communication planning and management
The person who is to conduct the investigation must have been in a similar situation before, not least because Labasheeda has never been in this situation before. Considerable personal skills, competence and leadership are required to make the most of an opportunity of critical importance to the life and history of the area. In particular, he or she must:
• attract local attention upon the investigation
• inspire confidence and retain interest
• stimulate a desire for involvement and a sense of ownership
• communicate effectively in group and individual settings
• empathise with different age groups
• adopt a quality, ethical approach in every action within the area
• develop a positive relationship with external media and lay the foundations for a continuing relationship between maritime and coastal press interests and the Labasheeda project itself

Two reports are required and one appreciation. The first report will present the results of an audit of physical resources and opportunities having a bearing upon the quality of life and development potential of Labasheeda. The second will present the reports of household surveys and focus on social potential and expectations. An appreciation is also to be submitted of the optimum strategies to be pursued in future planning, together with recommendations for the follow-on LEADER+ bid.
The circulation of the three documents will be determined by the Community Association but it is in the ethos of the project that the principal audience for their content will be the people of Labasheeda themselves. Those planning a response to this invitation to tender should budget for ten copies of each document.
Submission of tenders
Tenders should be submitted in writing, clearly marked ‘TENDER’, and should arrive by 31 May 2012, at:
G Moloney, Media House, Labasheeda, Co Clare
Tender documents, including costs, should address the expectations of Labasheeda and set out clear evidence of the skills and experience required. The CV of the person intended to conduct the investigation should be included, supported by a reference from a comparable project and a photocopy of the first page of his/her Public Indemnity Insurance. The documents should describe the approach to be taken. Some applicants may be invited subsequently to give a face-to-face presentation on the advantages of their approach.
Further information
Clarification on any question arising from this invitation to tender should be addressed to:
It should be noted, however, that the steering group does not intend to enter discussion on the information provided in this invitation to tender until a Community Association has been formed and a successful tender identified.
Further Details:
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