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Tender Title: Demolition and Removal of 15 Wickham Street Limerick Location: Limerick City Centre, Limerick
Date Published: 6-Jun-2020 01:48 Deadline for Tenders: 30-06-2020 Approx Start Date Required: 20-07-2020
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Active - Tender is active and applications are being accepted.

Other Category: Demolition Contractors
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Full Tender Text:
Project Description;
15 Wickham Street is a derelict building (green) in Limerick City Centre. The property consists of a commercial ground floor and an apartment upstairs. The building is adjoining a small derelict house on 1 little Wickham street (purple building). The wall between both properties is a party wall. 1 little Wickham street is currently for sale by a local auctioneer at the direction of a receiver.

The building to be demolished, 15 Wickham Street, is approximately 19m in depth and 6.5m wide, constructed of 500mm thick external stone walls. 14 Wickham street is a cleared site (22m in depth x 5.8m wide) that can be utilised by the demolition contractor for these works.

The following services have been disconnected and removed from the property
- Electricity,
- Water,
- Sewer,
- Internet.
There is one cable that is suspended across the front of the building at approx. 3m height. This is a virgin media services and it is not attached to the building that is to be demolished.

Contractors Scope;
1. Provide waste management plan and all required paperwork to manage the works under applicable work health and safety acts and regulations

2. Pre and post construction survey by a chartered engineer

3. Applicable insurances and waste permits for the works

4. Removal and disposal of asbestos containing material (patch repairs identified in roof slates).

5. Removal and disposal of 15 Wickham Street to ground level. Any concrete slabs at ground level can remain in place.

6. Management of the following throughout the works
a. Pedestrians
b. Traffic
c. Council footpaths and road
d. Virgin media cable at front of building

7. Provide a copy of necessary transportation and disposal documentation.

8. Construction of new green palisade fence, 3m high, along 14/15 Wickham street (13m) including a double gate access at 14 Wickham street

9. Construction of new green palisade fencing, 3m high, along little Wickham street (19m)

To be provided by Client;
1. Council approvals for works
2. Asbestos Survey of site
3. Survey of site in CAD and pdf. format
4. Free access to the site including to 14 Wickham Street
5. Contact details for 13 Wickham street (contact details for 1 little Wickham Street to be sourced by demolition contractor if required)
Further Details:
Which of the following best describes your project?Complete Demolition
Should any of the following be considered?Asbestos Removal
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, service description, reference work etc)1. Lump Sum Price.
2. Methodology demonstrating your understanding of the works and detailing the what is included in your Lump Sum Price.
3. List the risks and detail how they will be managed.
4. At least two reference projects and referees.
5. Insurances for the works.
6. Terms and conditions.

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