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Tender Title: One off Two Storey House Build Location: Dunshaughlin, Meath
Date Published: 21-Oct-2019 10:01 Deadline for Tenders: 01-01-2020 Approx Start Date Required: 02-03-2020
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

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Files Attached: 19-020 (02) Section B - Building Control Regulations.pdf   (electrical specification building control regulations)
Builders_Specification[1].pdf   (Builders Specifications)
62-00.pdf   (Electrical drawings - ground floor)
62-01.pdf   (electrical drawings - first floor and garage)
62-02.pdf   (electrical site plan)
63-00.pdf   (lighting and fire alarm ground floor plan)
63-01.pdf   (lighting and fire alarm first floor & Garage)
63-02.pdf   (lighting and fire alarm site layout)
17-54-P-04 Garage Plans.pdf   (garage plans)
52-00.pdf   (soils and wastes layout ground floor)
52-01.pdf   (soils and waste layout first floor and garage)
53-00.pdf   (water services layout ground floor)
53-02.pdf   (water service layout site and garage)
56-00.pdf   (space heating layout ground floor)
56-01.pdf   (space heating layout first floor)
57-00.pdf   (ventilation service layout ground floor)
57-01.pdf   (ventilation service layout first floor)
19-020 (02) M Building Control Regulations.pdf   (mechanical building specification regulations)
17-54-P-02 Site Layout Plan.pdf   (Site layout plan)
17-54-P-03 Dwelling Plans.pdf   (Dwelling Plans)
Full Tender Text:
The development will consist of construction of a two storey dwelling with detatched domestic garage, installation of a proprietary sewage treatment system and form entrance from existing agricultural lane.

We will require full works to finish as per attached design and specifications (electrical, waste, water and mechanical).
Further Details:
What is the proposed size of the building?214M2 / 2303ft2
What supporting documentation is available? site/building plans, bill of quantities.Site plan and map, elevation plans, technical drawings, mechanical drawings.
Please provide a detailed description of the duties required of the contractor. Construction and management of project from start to finish.
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)Price breakdown, product & service description, references of previous work, insurance and certification records.

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