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Tender Title: Equipment for Heat Utilisation and Odour Control Location: Ballyroan, Laois
Date Published: 16-Jul-2018 13:24 Deadline for Tenders: 12-09-2018 Approx Start Date Required: 01-10-2018
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Full Tender Text:
Rockbrook AD Ltd is a company based in Laois whose business is primarily based in the renewable energy sector.

Rockbrook AD Ltd has opened a tendering process for the supply and installation of essential add on equipment for an Anaerobic Digestion plant located near Ballyroan village. The equipment is required to effectively utilise the surplus heat generated from a Combined Heat & Power (CHP) engine run on Biogas produced from separated food waste. Other equipment will be required to prepare residual waste (de-watering waste to achieve correct dry matter) for optimal drying and heat utilisation conditions. Nuisance odours from drying must also be captured and filterd to comply with environmental air quality regulations.

The following equipment is required:

Screwpress/De-watering Compactor: Used for reducing the water/moisture content on residual waste product (non organic) extracted from the De-packaging of food waste. The Screwpress compactor will initially de-water the material from the separation process which then enables effective drying to take place. The added benefit of de-watering this waste enables the separated water/liquid to be reused/recycled in the anaerobic digestion process.

Materials Dryer: A dryer is required to further reduce the moisture content/weight of de-packaged food waste. The result will ensure a reduction in disposal of residual bulk waste to incineration whilst utilising surplus heat from the CHP engine which would otherwise be dumped.

Odour Extraction System. This unit is required to collect and filter gases such as ammonia and nitrogen that emanate from the de-watering and drying process in the reception building using an airflow, water-based scrubber and media biological colony for odour breakdown. The water-based scrubber will return spent water back into the AD process to be recycled or can be used as a nutrient rich bio-fertiliser.
Further Details:
Please provide details of any supporting documentation that you may have available. (If applicable)Examples of equipment used for de-watering, drying and odour capturing include;

- Runi SK370 compactor used in waste and recycling industry

- Stronga FlowDrya, Stronga MultiDrya and Lauber L-ENZ 650

- There a number of odour control systems for waste industry and composting which are transferable to anaerobic digestion. Tholander is an example of a manufacturer of Wet Scrubbers.

What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)The Tenderer must have experience in supplying and installing the above equipment and systems in anaerobic digestion or similar industries.

Please include and factor in the following when quoting;

- Equipment must be CER certified where applicable
- Details of Warranties included
- Price and Product description
- Training & Operation must be provided
- The Dryer and De-watering compactor must be capable of dealing with 3-4 tonnes of de-packaged waste per day.
- It would be advantageous if the dryer can dry other materials such as woodchip and firewood if the need arises provide enough heat is available
- Ducting for Odour extraction must be corrosion resistant
- Provision for Electronic communication system linked to the AD plant Scada system would be an advantage
- References for equipment supplied to previous customers is essential
- Please exclude the Biofilter media and tank (this will be constructed In-house)
- 2.5 to 3 air changes per hour is minimum requirement for odour control system
How would you like to recieve your quotations? Email (see attached Request for Tender equipment documentation to be completed and returned)

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