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Tender Title: Demoltion, renovation, extension terraced home Inchicore Location: Inchicore, Dublin
Date Published: 15-Jul-2017 20:33 Deadline for Tenders: 01-12-2017 Approx Start Date Required: 25-07-2017
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Active - Tender is active and applications are being accepted.

Home: Repair & Maint. / Installation / Extension Category: Building Contractors (Sml / Med Scale)
Files Attached: 1720_20170627 DRAFT Pre-planning.pdf   (Architect's drawings)
Full Tender Text:

David and Lauren have recently purchased this family home which is in need of re-
planning and modernisation. The proposed works, subject to planning permission

(coloured yellow on the attached drawing) would consist of;

Removal of sub-standard extensions and shed structures to the rear

Proposed new part single storey, part two storey extensions to the rear

Including proposed replacement boundary wall and gateway facing Woodfield Avenue

and all associated site and landscaping works.

Site Context

The front of the subject site faces south on to Sarsfield Road with a pedestrian entrance

and steps up to the front door (approximately 1m above footpath level). The rear of the

subject site faces Woodfield Cottages with a vehicular entrance. The existing house is a

mid-terrace red-brick 2 bedroom dwelling. There is an existing sub-standard single storey

flat roof extension to the rear. There are existing substandard sheds to the rear that

occupy the full width of the site and are in poor repair.


The subject site is subject to zoning objective Zone Z1: Sustainable Residential


Planning History

No previous planning permissions were found for the subject site

Design Intent and Finishes

The primary intent is to provide a level of accommodation compatible with the

immediate and future needs of David and Lauren. It is also intended to improve the

internal layout and provide a family bathroom at the ground floor level. The design

strategy centres around an open plan Kitchen / Living / Dining Space at First Floor. The

current ceiling height, light and aspect at first floor is far superior to the ground floor and it

is hoped to further improve this by raising the roof collars / ceiling and introducing velux

rooflights on the rear pitch, in addition to the first floor Dining extension. On this basis, the

bedroom accommodation is proposed at ground floor with a master bedroom, walk-in

wardrobe and family bathroom in the existing part of the house and 2no. additional

bedrooms (1no. ensuite) and a walk-through office / utility in a ground floor extension

centred around 2 no. courtyards to provide natural light and ventilation.

The proposed new flat roof contemporary extensions will provide a contrast to the

existing redbrick terrace while remaining sympathetic with brick and render finishes.

Visual Impact

The proposed first floor extension extends 3250mm from the back of the house (1m less

than the two storey extension to No19) and is set back 1550mm away from the western

boundary with No.21. The height of the extensions / parapets have been proposed as

low as possible to allow minimum habitable headroom of 2.45m and modern roof

finishes to comply with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Residential Amenity

There is currently 15sqm private open space to the rear and 17sqm private open space

to the front of the dwelling. It is proposed to retain the existing south facing private open

space to the front, and the proposed courtyards at ground floor will provide 8sqm

private open space to the rear. In addition to this, a 9sqm roof terrace is proposed at first

floor with access from the First Floor Dining Room extension. This represents a 2sqm net

increase of private open space to the rear.

In order to avoid overlooking and to maintain the residential amenity of the adjoining

neighbours, 2.15m high privacy screens (with opaque glass finish – to allow light to pass

through) are proposed on the east and west side of the roof terrace. The dining room

window facing the western boundary will also be finished with opaque glass in order to

avoid overlooking no. 21.


Foul Water

There will be an increase of 1no additional WC and 1no. additional WC, WHB and

Shower to provide for the additional bedroom accomodation. It is proposed that foul

water from the development will be connected to the existing foul water connection.

Surface Water

The proposed private open space remaining at ground floor to the rear will be 8sqm

which we would consider to be too small for the provision of a soakaway or other

Sustainable Urban Drainage measures. Given the very small rear courtyards, it is

proposed that surface water from the development will connect to the existing surface

water connection. Due to the proposed demolition of existing sub-standard structures to

the rear, there is a net increase of 7sqm site coverage, however the existing rear garden

is hardstanding and all finished in concrete, while the proposed new courtyard finishes

will be permeable which should marginally reduce amount of surface water entering the



With this carefully considered design, the applicant is seeking to create a modern and

habitable family home that better meets their immediate and future needs. We trust that

the enclosed is in order and we would appreciate pre-planning feedback at the earliest

possible convenience. Should you require any further information or clarification please

do not hesitate to contact me.
Further Details:
What is the proposed size of the building?Approx 120 square metres
What supporting documentation is available? site/building plans, bill of quantities.I can send the architect\'s drawing
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)A detailed quote for demolition, renovation, extension, etc.

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