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Tender Title: Kilaclug Hydro Location: Macroom, Cork
Date Published: 14-Jul-2017 11:29 Deadline for Tenders: 11-08-2017 Approx Start Date Required: 01-09-2017
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Industrial: New building / Facility Category: Excavation, Site clearance, Soil removal.
Files Attached: Sheet 01 Plan.pdf   (Sheet 1 Plan)
Sheet 02 Profile.pdf   (Sheet 2 Profile)
Sheet 03 Rock Depths.pdf   (Sheet 3 Rock Depths)
Sheet 04 Cross Sections.pdf   (Sheet 4 Cross Sections)
Turbine Pit Excavation 14 07 17.pdf   (Drawing 5 Pit Excavation)
Intake Excavation 14 07 17.pdf   (Drawing 6 Intake Excavation)
Notice to Tenderers 10 07 17.pdf   (Notice to Tenderers)
rock excavation Specification 10 07 17.pdf   (Specification)
tender queries 24 07 17.pdf   (queries 24 07)
Full Tender Text:
The scheme is a hydro power project that will consist of a reinforced concrete intake structure, a 280 meter long pipe, 50% 1650 and 50% 1400 meters in diameter, leading to a turbine house that will contain a 300kW water turbine running on 3.3 m3 per second on a head of 13 meters.
This contract is to remove 2,900 M3 of rock to form pipe trench and to excavate for the intake and turbine house structures. The topsoil and overburden of sand has already been removed. NOTE the trench will be 2700 mm wide at the base not 2000 as stated on the drawing.
On 24 July an extra file has been added replying to questions from a contractor.
Further Details:
Please provide details of site, ground conditions, obstructions, access etcThe site has good access and has been fenced. There are farm roads to the excavation site. Note that this is a rate bassed tender for the removal of 2,900 m3 of rock. Over excavation will not be included in this contract. It is a requirment that all tenderers will visit the site to familliarise themselves with the conditions
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)All necessary documents are included with the tender

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