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Tender Title: 6Kw Wind Turbine and 3Kw Solar PV Location: Buncrana, Donegal
Date Published: 7-Jun-2017 09:17 Deadline for Tenders: 8-07-2017 Approx Start Date Required: 01-02-2018
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Other Category: Solar PV / Wind Turbines / Hydro Turbines
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Full Tender Text:
Request for Tender to Supply and Fit a 6KW wind turbine and 3KW PV offgrid at Illies Community Development Site at Drumindoire, Ballymagan, Buncrana Co Donegal.

Illies Community Development Association. invite proposals from suitably qualified individuals /organisations to carry out the supply and erect of the turbine and PV at the site in Co Donegal.

A preliminary site study has established that
• The Area has suitable wind maps
• PV is suitable for the site

Description of the services required:

Tenders are invited to submit proposals for the completion of a 6kW Wind Turbine, 3kW of Solar PV and the design, installation and commissioning of a micro-grid ‘off-grid’ system.. These will include:

Stage 1. Site Study
• Carry out detailed topographical survey, which will include detailed measurements of all structures.
• Gathering of all wind/solar data that will ensure fesibility.
• Off Grid connection arrangements and access route confirmation

At the end of this stage those tendering will have accurate information as to the energy potential of the site. The tenderer will make an assessment of the site with regards to the suitability of various types of generating equipment and make a recommendation of a system that will give the best solution. Calculation of system outline cost, projected revenue and economic payback time.

Stage 2. Environmental Survey
• An Appropriate Assessment will be provided for the site and any necessary subsequent studies identified will be completed.
• Meetings/consultations with locals, County Council Planning requirements, and any other relevant bodies.
At the end of this stage tenderers will have dealt with all the local environmental considerations to be adhered to and will be in a position to ascertain the planning issues.

Stage 3. Planning and Design and erection

• Outline design drawings and build layout.
• Outline of project timescale.
• Budget quotations for the supply and installation of system
• Turbine/Solar estimate
• Civil estimate
• Electrical connection and cabling

At the end of this stage of the project we will expect to have a breakdown of the build costs along with all the necessary documentation and permission required to start construction.
All Environmental issues will have been dealt with and an accurate assessment will have been made whilst obeying all the environmental and planning concerns.

1. Contract type

Illies Community Development Association will award a single, fixed price contract for this Contract to the successful tendering individual/organisation.

2. Timetable
Closing date for receipt of tender is Friday 30th June 2017 5.00pm.

3. Areas to be covered in proposals

Any company or individual submitting a tender proposal under this RFT must include the following:

• Details of Qualifications & Experience,
• Key Project Personnel: The proposal must identify and profile each of the key individuals undertaking the installation and the profiles of any outsourced partners who may be used.
• Study Project Plan – the tender must contain a description of how the tenderer intends to carry out the work with a particular focus on how outcomes will be achieved and measured. Included in this should be an outline of the approach to be taken, scheduling of events and the reporting of conclusions back to Illies Community Development for each stage as outlined above.
• Details of 3 relevant references (these companies/individuals that may be contacted for the purpose of taking references, and those tendering should ensure the referees agreement to such an approach)

• Company name
• Contract Description
• Contact Name & contact details.

• A Tax Clearance Certificate must also be provided.
• Health & Safety and quality assurance policies and documentation.
• Proposed Costs: All costs for completing the project, including miscellaneous costs e.g. any travel costs, expenses etc.

4. Assessment of proposal

Tenders will be assessed by reference to the following:

• Completeness of documentation as specified in this RFT.
• Stated ability of the tenderer to meet all requirements specified in the RFT, as evidenced by the information supplied.
• Technical capacity and proven experience, as evidenced by the information supplied.
• Ability to deliver results promptly and efficiently, as evidenced by information supplied.
• Proposed cost of conducting all stages of the project.

5. Queries and Information concerning this RFT

All queries should be directed to:


6. Conditions
As we will be seeking Government funding for this project it is imperative that tenderers declare their independence of manufacturing companies to avoid conflicts of interest at this initial stage of the project.
Further Details:
What type of system do you require?Wind Turbine
Where do you propose to use the electricity? e.g. use onsite / export to national griduse onsite

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