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Tender Title: Offaly Co Co. Ferbane - Demolition of Derelict Building, Construction of a Concrete Retaining Buttress Wall Against Existing Party Wall Location: Ferbane, Offaly
Date Published: 26-Jun-2015 15:53 Deadline for Tenders: 17-07-2015 Approx Start Date Required: 10-08-2015
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Public Sector Category: Building Contractors (Large Commercial)
Files Attached: FTS6 Tender and Schedule.pdf   (FTS6 Tender and Schedule)
PW-CF6_Short Public Works Contract.pdf   (PW-CF6_Short Public Works Contract)
14-58A Check List - Documents.pdf   (14-58A Check List - Documents)
14-58A Check List - Inspection Plan.pdf   (14-58A Check List - Inspection Plan)
14-58A Method Statement.pdf   (14-58A Method Statement)
14-58A Questionair list.pdf   (14-58A Questionair list)
14-58A-10-WD-01 Rev B Plan Layout.pdf   (14-58A-10-WD-01 Rev B Plan Layout)
14-58A-11-WD-01 Rev B Sections A & B .pdf   (14-58A-11-WD-01 Rev B Sections A & B )
14-58A-11-WD-02 Rev B Sections C .pdf   (14-58A-11-WD-02 Rev B Sections C )
14-58A-100-WD-01 Rev 0 Rebar Sections .pdf   (14-58A-100-WD-01 Rev 0 Rebar Sections )
14-58A100-BS-01 PH-BAR-Schedule Section A-A Weight.pdf   (14-58A100-BS-01 PH-BAR-Schedule Section A-A Weight)
14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B.pdf   (14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B)
14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B Weight.pdf   (14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B Weight)
14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C.pdf   (14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C)
14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C Weight.pdf   (14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C Weight)
Full Tender Text:
The existing structure located on the corner of Main Street and Old Chapel Lane in the town of Ferbane, Co. Offaly.

The main two storey and a half corner building and associated single and a half storey extensions, including the lean-to sheds are to be demolished to allow for the widening of the road.

Prior to any complete demolition being carried out, the shared wall dividing the structure being removed from the adjoining structure and the remaining street scape is to be stabilised and buttressed by means of a Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall

Constructed of stone the existing external walls and main division walls which are a carryover from the numerous extensions, average in width from 550mm to 800mm with the intermediate internal walls averaging 250mm to 300mm. The upper floors are typical construction of timber joists and floor boards. Cut roof construction and tiles covers the main building whilst corrugated iron sheeting on timber rafters and purlins covers the remainder.

The staged removal of walls floors and roof that will be required for the safe installation and construction of the Reinforced Concrete Retaining Wall is to be agreed with this office and defined by the Contractor in their Method Statement.

All Temporary works to be designed and certified by the Contractors Engineer, a copy of which shall be provided to this office for comment not less than three weeks in advance of works commencing.
Further Details:
What is the proposed timescale for the project?42 days
What supporting documentation is available: site/building plans, bill of quantities, tender document..1. FTS6 Tender and Schedule
2. PW-CF6 Short Public Works Contract
3. 14-58A Method Statement
4. 14-58A Inspection check list
5. 14-58A Questionnaire
6. 14-58A-10-WD-01 Plan Layout
7. 14-58A-11-WD-01 Sections
8. 14-58A-11-WD-02 Sections
9. 14-58A-100-WD-01 Re-Bar Sections
10. 14-58A100-BS-01 PH-BAR-Schedule Section A-A
11. 14-58A100-BS-01 PH-BAR-Schedule Section A-A Weight
12. 14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B
13. 14-58A100-BS-02 PH-BAR-Schedule Section B-B Weight
14. 14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C
15. 14-58A100-BS-03 PH-BAR-Schedule Section C-C Weight
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)Questionnaire list

Tenderers are to supply the following information in relation to their experience dealing with the type of works to be carried out during each phase of the demolition to construction and completion of the retaining wall.

1. Underpinning.
2. Demolition.
3. Staged Demolition of an adjoining structure.
4. Concrete Retaining Wall structures.
5. Reinforcement Fixing.
6. Traffic Management.
7. Investigation and dealing with existing site Services.
8. Any other experience you may consider relevant.

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