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Tender Title: Power Platform Detail Marine Engineering Design Location: KCR Business Estate, Dublin 6, Dublin
Date Published: 10-Dec-2014 15:31 Deadline for Tenders: 06-02-2015 Approx Start Date Required: 27-02-2015
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Commercial: New Development Category: Engineering Consultants
Files Attached: GRS Tender Document.pdf   (GRS Tender Document)
Full Tender Text:
Power Platform (PP) is a renewable energy concept owned by Global Renewable Solutions (GRS) Pty Ltd. The concept is designed to harvest energy from wind and ocean waves and convert them into electricity in one integrated system.

The main services GRS will require will consist of Structural and Mechanical Engineering. The scope of work is included within the attached document.

GRS are now in a position to commence the development of a quarter-scale prototype, based on the original feasibility concept described above. The reduced scale PP, which is the focus of this document, is planned to be deployed in Galway Bay, Ireland at the Smartbay Marine Test and Demonstration Facility. The proposed development shall have a design life of 15 years.

The PP design shall be suitable for deployment, in Galway Bay and removal at the end of its design life. The PP design shall include target inclusion of six complete OWC chambers as per the original concept with a reduced size to match the quarter scale constraint. The PP shall have only one (1) OWC turbines attached at any point however, with sufficient allowance in design for its reallocation across all OWC chambers. This may require a novel design approach to minimise O&M costs, which Contractor shall propose to the Company early in the design period and confirm satisfactory function and performance can be achieved.

Structural Detail design engineering of the PP shall consider the structural design and capacity of the
platform in depth.

Hydrostatics and Stability Contractor shall complete any naval architecture functions to derive the hydrostatic and stability performance requirements of the PP design, as necessary to satisfy code and standard requirements and provide input to structural design. Naval architectural analysis.

Installation, Transportation & Relocation- One of the critical aspects of the design of the PP is installation, transportation & removal. It is anticipated that the structure shall be floated and towed from the fabrication site and then secured in place by means of ballasting.

Operations & Maintenance - It is anticipated that regular intervention will be required on the PP to allow for maintenance, testing and adjustments of the OWC Turbines.

Further Details:
What ype of consultancy service do you require?Detail Design Engineering
What is the proposed timescale of your project?The device will be deployed in Galway Bay Q2 2016 and will be in place for 6 months. It is likely the device will then be relocated to another site for further testing.
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)See Evaluation Criteria and deliverables within attached document.

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