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Tender Title: St Mary's Hall Renovation Work, Convoy, Co. Donegal Location: Convoy, Donegal
Date Published: 11-Dec-2012 11:02 Deadline for Tenders: 04-01-2013 Approx Start Date Required: 31-01-2013
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Commercial: Repair & Maint. / Installation / Extension Category: Building Contractors (Sml / Med Scale)
Files Attached: Specification DLDC.pdf   (Spec. 11.12.06)
Form of Tender.pdf   (Tender Docu 11.12.05)
SCHEDULE OF WORKS.pdf   (Schedule 11.12.04)
FLOOR PLANS1 Model (1).pdf   (Elevations 11.12.01)
FLOOR PLANS2 Model (1).pdf   (Location / Details 11.12..02)
FLOOR PLANS3 Model (1).pdf   (Floor Plans 11.12.03)
Full Tender Text:

The contract is to renovate and repair, a local community hall. There was recent works carried under over the last 18 months funded by RDC, with mainly cosmetic works such as new windows, doors, external repainting, and new disabled toilet, new kitchen units and tiling etc...

These new proposed works are partially funded by DLDC/Leader, and will be used to carry out more overall structural improvements, such as re-roof the structure in the form of new breather membrane, lathe and slates, including new concrete barges. Repair site boundary walls, external hard landscaping and site security fencing.

There will also be some small internal works, to the hall dance floor, and to basement rooms, and also improvement to 1st Floor toilets and kitchen area, with new floor coverings to these areas and the main entrance and toilets etc..

The Hall needs to continue to function within reasonable parameters during works, and will not be fully closed during the contract works. Programmes of works need to allow for this condition of contract.
Further Details:
What is the proposed size of the building?n/a
What supporting documentation is available? site/building plans, bill of quantities.Floor Plans, Elevations, Site location, specification and schedule of works.
Please provide a detailed description of the duties required of the contractor. LIST OF DUTIES

1] Re-Roofing of Hall

The roof slates are to be replaced completely with mane made A.C thrutone 2000 or equivalent slates . All water damaged/ rotted timbers shall be treated and replaced, and
remainders of roof timbers to be treated suitable fungicide /insecticide preservative.

Concrete barges are to be removed and re-cast, with 45N strength concrete

2] Sanitary ware – Toilets – 1st Floor Level Only

Sanitary ware re-placement to existing toilets on upper level. and also to understage areas, as shown on drawings, also
3 No handdryers to be fitted .

Armitage shanks or equal and approved:

Wash Hand Basin: Wash basin to be vitreous china 510 x 415mm with two number corner tap holes. Basin to be supported on pedestal stand of same finish. Basin to be vitreous china supplied complete with 33mm
plastics waste and head chain and plug, 80mm slotted tail and bolt stay.
Taps to be 12mm upright pillar, taps, and chromium plated with
Chromium plated capstan heads and red and blue indicator buttons.

W.C: Low level W.C. pan in vitreous china with 9 litre capacity, cistern
with side supply and overflow, fitted with free flow plastic syphone fittings
with 12mm micro valve H.B./L.P. ball valve, side supply, 38mm side overflow plastics flush bend, inlet connector and supports. Include for plastic seat and cover. Trap and outlet connections to suit. Include for
all fixing clips screws, brackets etc.

3] External Boundary Wall

Replace Existing damaged sections of Boundary wall, currently displaying structural defect. Wall foundations to be replaced, with a steel reinforced concrete wall, and wall to be finished as to match that of existing sound sections, including capping
and render.

4] External Security Fencing

Replace existing chainlink fence, with pvc coated welded mesh link security fence, at 2.4m high. Green in colour

5] Kitchen – 1st Floor only

The first floor kitchen is to be replaced with , new units , and doors, & Ironmongery to match that off the existing kitchen on the GF.

6] Painting & Décor.. 1ST Floor & Understage areas only

Internal walls to be cleaned and prepared prior to being painted with 2 coats of Dulux paint – colour still to chosen by committee..
All internal woodwork shall be knotted, primed, stopped and filled. Paint two undercoats and one finishing coats of approved oil based paint. All new architraves, and skirting, and existing door
frames are to be prepared & painted with a high gloss finish. – White

7] M & E

Replace and repair all broken light fittings, heat and smoke detectors including fitting and supply of new hand dryers and extraction units in bathrooms. 1st Floor Only

The existing oil boiler, is to be replaced with a 97% efficient Grant Condensing boiler, with equivalent or greater BTU than
that of existing boiler.

8] Stage Curtains

New Stage curtains and suitable rail are to be installed of suitable flame retardant material to fit existing opening. Colour yet to be finalised

9] Flooring

Non slip 2mm Polyfloor 2000 marbleized or equivalent weld jointed floor covering in entrance hallway and toilet areas as shown -
Midnight Blue 8440 in color. Also as shown on 1st floor. and under stage areas.

The perimeter of the existing dance floor is to be replaced, with a new timbers, to match that of the existing floor, on the main
dance area.

10] External Gates

The two external gate are to be fitted with suitable electric remote closers on main gate. Main & Lower Gate is to be sandblasted clean and painted with a suitable metal oxide paint.

11] Car Parking Area

Fill to Formation Levels
(R.D.S) Approved fill material for formation level shall consist of:-
Clean broken stone from 100mm down crusher run. On approved quarried rock.

Sub-base for Roads
Approved granular material for sub-base shall comply with Clause 804 of “Department of Environment, Specification for Roadworks” and lie within the limits of Table 8/3.

Roadbase – Wetmix
Approved granular material for Wetmix Macadam shall comply with Clause 810 of “Department of Environment, Specification for Roadworks” and lie within the limits of Table 8/8.

Bitumen Paving for Roads
Surface Base Course Surface base course shall be 60mm thick D.B.M. rolled to required compaction. Surface Wearing Course
Wearing Course shall be 20mm thick D.B.M. rolled to required compaction.

All prices to include VAT at their applicable rates, and include
materials and all associated labour

Grand total to include for all preliminarys,

What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work etc)It is “ absolutely essential ”, that any interested contractors visit the site to familiarise themselves with the scope of works required, before they submit any tenders. The building is a functioning local community hall, and requires to be able to function within reasonable parameters during the said works.

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