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Tender Title: Glenilen Hydro 3 Location: Drimoleague, Cork
Date Published: 11-Apr-2012 15:31 Deadline for Tenders: 04-05-2012 Approx Start Date Required: 02-07-2012
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Industrial: New building / Facility Category: Hydro Power Systems
Files Attached: Drawing 1 Weir 11 04 12.PDF   ()
Drawing 2 Turbine House 11 04 12.PDF   ()
Drawing 3 Pipeline 11 04 12.PDF   ()
Drawing 4 Pipeline 2 11 04 12.PDF   ()
Construction Method 28 02 12.pdf   ()
E Tender Contract 04 04 12.pdf   ()
E Tender specification 04 04 12.pdf   ()
Full Tender Text:
Micro Hydro Electric Scheme

Quotations are sought for the following works for the above project:

1. Pipeline laying
2. Pipeline anchors
3. Weir and intake construction
4. Turbine discharge pit
5. Turbine house

Setting out and excavating for a 900mm pipeline c720 metres in length. The pipe will be GRP pipe with a coupling angular displacement of 30. The pipe will be laid to the specification laid out in the manufacturer’s handbook.
The accompanying drawing is an outline proposal only and the final design will be agreed with the contractor responsible for the setting out and quantifying materials necessary for the project. The pipeline will be laid to a fall and will have bends that are made by the angular cutting of the pipe to a maximum of 30. The route can be adjusted to give the shortest length with the bend constraints and depth of trench considerations.

As necessary pipeline anchor blocks will be formed. These will be reinforced concrete cubes of 2 x 1.5 x 1 metre with 110kg/m3of steel. Provide a separate price for these per item.

The weir is a reinforced concrete structure of reinforced concrete with 110 kg/m3 of steel. The weir and pass are c40 cubic metres.

The turbine discharge pit is a three sided tank constructed of reinforced concrete with 110 kg/m3 of steel. The base and turbine floor are c36 cubic metres and the three walls are c7.3 cubic metres.

Above the discharge pit is the turbine hall with a floor area of 45 square metres. The house will be of 51 square metres of block-work roofed with a timber raftered roof covered with slate.

The work will be carried out under the RIAI short form of contract. The work will comply with the relevant British and Irish Standards.

4 No. Drawings are attached to this tender for further information.
Further Details:
What is the proposed use for the electricity thats generated:Local use and export to grid
Describe in as much detail as possible the type river/stream: e.g. volumetric flowrate, seasonal influences etc14 metre head and 0.5 cumec flow
Please provide details of any supporting documentation that you may have available. (If applicable)4 No drawings attached

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