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Tender Title: Glenilen Hydro 2 Location: Drimoleague, Cork
Date Published: 11-Apr-2012 15:04 Deadline for Tenders: 04-05-2012 Approx Start Date Required: 01-07-2012
Tender Status:

Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Industrial: New building / Facility Category: Hydro Power Systems
Files Attached: Drawing 2 Turbine House 11 04 12.PDF   ()
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Full Tender Text:
Micro Hydro Electric Scheme

Quotations are sought for the supply and delivery of the following:

Water Turbine complete (water to wire)
Or Water Turbine and Controller separately

Water Turbine
Capacity Q = 0.5 m3/sec
Net Head = 15 m
Power = c. 50kWs
This turbine 9most probably a cross flow turbine) will be supplied complete with all bearings, couplings and gearbox necessary to drive the asynchronous generator of 1000 rpm 400 volt which will also form part of the package. An electrical or hydraulic actuator will also be part of the package.

3 Phase G59 Mains Connection System with electric brake control.
Rating: 40kW at 400v
System includes:
Over/under voltage trip, over/under frequency trip, reverse power trip, loss of mains trip to G59/2 requirements (ROCOF and/or Vector Shift)
Automatic synchronisation by control of turbine flow actuator
Head sensor interface for maximising power output with varying flows
Power factor correction
24v battery back-up and charger
Display of generated power, phase voltages and currents, forebay head, battery voltage
Electric brake control via fused outlets for 2 x three phase heater loads with a maximum rating of 20kW each (electric heaters by separate supplier)
The system is to be used with a 400/415 Volt Three Phase delta connected induction generator.

An alternative hydraulic brake system can also be accepted. This will provide the capability of stopping the turbine completely in less than 10 seconds in the case of electrical outage.

Delivery included to West Cork Ireland

Further Details:
What is the proposed use for the electricity thats generated:Local use and sale to grid
Describe in as much detail as possible the type river/stream: e.g. volumetric flowrate, seasonal influences etcsee above
Please provide details of any supporting documentation that you may have available. (If applicable)layout drawings

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