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Tender Title: Home Build Location: tuam, Galway
Date Published: 11-Feb-2012 07:29 Deadline for Tenders: 01-02-2013 Approx Start Date Required: 17-02-2012
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Awarded - Tender has already been awarded to the successful applicant.

Home: New One Off House Category: Architects
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Full Tender Text:
We require a 4 bedroom house in 4000 square-feet.
Maximum time required should be 1 YEAR.
Further Details:
What is the proposed size of building?4000 SQUARE-FEET
What is the size of the site?2 acres
What is the estimated project budget? (optional)40 crore
Please provide further details regarding proposed development? e.g. building style, number/type of rooms, special features etc. Modern architecture.
4 bedrooms
2000 square-feet garden
Swimming pool 2
Car parking area.
play ground
Computer room
Guest room
What services do you require? planning applications, design services, feasibility studies,3d modelling, health and safety statement, project management, etc:design services
project management.
What information would you like included in your quotation? (Price, product & service description, reference work, other)Price

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