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Tender Title: Micro Hydro Electric Scheme Location: Crossmolina, Mayo
Date Published: 12-Jan-2012 11:42 Deadline for Tenders: 02-02-2012 Approx Start Date Required: 02-04-2012
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Closed - Tender has expired. Applications are no longer being accepted.

Commercial: Repair & Maint. / Installation / Extension Category: Energy Consultants & Advisors
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Full Tender Text:
Micro Hydro Electric Scheme

Quotations are sought for the supply and delivery of the following:

Hydrodynamic Screw
Capacity Q = 1.30 m3/s
Net head H = 2.40 m
Absorbed power = 25 kW
Nominal power of generator = 21 kW

1: Hydrodynamic Screw with steel trough
• Inclined installed, multiple winded Hydrodynamic screw with helices
• Upper long lifetime bearing
• Lower Bearing: Grease lubricated friction bearing
• Corrosion protection:
Steel parts are sandblasted and painted with abrasion resistant epoxy resin lacquer
• Steel trough for grouting at site

2: Gearbox & Coupling components, Flender or equal
• Gearbox designed for long lifetime
• Flexible uninterrupted coupling between Hydrodynamic screw and gearbox
• Elastic belt drive between gearbox and generator or generator directly connected to gearbox
• Including foundation frame and safety guards

3: Asynchronous generator by VEM, Siemens or equal
• Power 30 kW
• Rotation speed 1000 min-1
• Voltage 400 V
• Standard balance max 60 Hz

4: Delivery
• Delivery to Co. Mayo, Ireland
• Incl. cranage
• Erection of mechanical parts without civil works
• Training of staff and take over
• O & M manual
• Delivery and Installation calculated for normal delivery and installation situation
Further Details:
List the energy services required.Design / Redesign of energy system

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