How our service works: is an efficient and transparent tendering facility designed for use by: - Quantity surveyors & architects - Engineers - Energy consultants and energy managers - Facilities management companies - General public It provides an easy to use platform for both buyers and suppliers to manage the tendering process. This a a complete e-Tendering facility which provides the functionality to both buyers and suppliers saving you both time and money pricing and procuring goods or services.

Architects & Quantity Surveyors has similar functionality to the public sector etenders website except our service is specifically for the private sector. Quantity surveyors can now provide cost management services to their clients. The service also proves to clients that quotations were sought in a fair and transparent manner. QS's can upload relevant documentation including building plans, BOQ's and export files from the QS software packages such as Buildsoft or BIM packages. Users can create project folder for each project they work on and group relevant tenders and quotations. CITA, the Construction Industry Technology Alliance of Ireland, recently undertook a major study to demonstration the benefits of etendering over traditional procurement methods. The project was headed by Bruce Shaw and a number of other respected industry professionals. The study identifed a number of key benefits, including a 10% reduction in administrative costs. Further details on the study can be found on the CITA website or to go directly to the final report click here

Energy Efficiency and Energy Management is is an effective costing tool for energy consultants and energy managers. The key for any energy management plan is to > Identify energy saving opportunities. > Calculate the cost of implementing the energy saving oppurtunities. > Undertake a cost benefit analysis or return on investment (ROI). can be an important tool in this respect. Consultants and energy managers alike can post tenders for energy efficiency project such as: > Energy efficiency lighting upgrades. > Insulation upgrades in walls, ceilings, industrial pipework and so on. > Improved boiler or refrigeration controls > or simply finding an energy consultant to identify opportunities. It is now also possible to tender for your gas and electricity contracts on A number of the major electricity and gas providers are now registered on our system.

Facilities Management can act as an important tool for facilities managers and management companies. The platform allows users to post tenders for multiple projects and categories to meet the needs of the facilities manager. The platform also allows for multiple tenders to be managed effectively in online project folders. e-Tendering reducing the time and cost associated with sourcing the most suitable suppliers or tradespeople required for a project compared to traditional procurement methods.

Domestic Market - Domestic (new build): users can post tenders for each aspect of their home e.g. architects, tradespeople, windows, renewable energy systems, brick & block etc. - Domestic (extension & maintenance): home owners can also post tenders for smaller home extensions, conservatories, energy efficiency upgrades, general maintenance and upgrades works. Note: e-Tender is very easy to use but if you are unsure about how to use the service ask your architect to post the tenders on your behalf and help source the right suppliers at the right price.


This is a fully automated service which has been designed to meet the needs of both buyers and suppliers. Registration is free for both user types. Users can post and manage tender for free on the site. Suppliers pay a small fee to unlock the tenders they are interested in tendering for, this ensures only truly interested suppliers get in contact to provide quotations. Suppliers Upon registration, suppliers choose their relevant work counties and tender categories. They are then notified by email when suitable tenders are posted on the site. There are currently 103 tender categories for building products, tradespeople, consulting professionals, hire companies and specialist service providers. Click herefor a full list of tender categories. The service is simple, the website does all the hard work!!!

Both buyers and suppliers can register for free and log into their personalised account where they can manage their projects. Each tender category has unique tender forms so that the correct information is collected when creating a tender. This helps to ensure that suppliers have all the information they need to prepare detailed quotations.

Posting tenders involves:

a) Filling in query forms regarding the exact nature and size of the product or service required.

b) Uploading building plans, pictures, tender documents, bills of quantity, and any relevant files. When the tender is posted, relevant suppliers are notified by email and can then proceed to review and unlock the tender if it is of interest. Unlocking tenders allows suppliers to deal directly with the tender owner. Once the details are finalised the suppliers can prepare detailed quotations and upload them directly to the tender owner's eTender account. The owner of the tender is then free to make a clear and informed decision between comparable quotations. As you may appreciate, this service offers significant benefits over traditional ways of sourcing and managing the tender process. The platform has been researched and developed over many years specifically for this sector. We hope to fundamentally change how the construction market operates in Ireland in the near future.

The eTender platform

This platform aims to improve the efficiency with which the general public and industry professional source and procure products and services in the industry. This will have a number of effects including: reducing administrative costs, make the sourcing process easier, improving transparency, promoting competition in the industry and in general, to encourage people to price and engage the industry to start new projects. We have a number of functionality upgrades in the pipeline which will further improve the functionality of this e-market platform.

If you have any questions about the service please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

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