Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. What is
  2. How does the service work?
  3. What website features has got to assist buyers posting tenders?
  4. What features has got to assist suppliers applying for tenders?
  5. Why do buyers choose to post tenders on
  6. How much does it cost to post a tender on
  7. What control do I have over the tenders I post?
  8. Do I need to be technically minded to use this service?
  9. What happens if my building category is not listed?
  10. If I post a tender will my personal details be freely available on the internet?
  11. How many quotations can I expect if I post a tender on
  12. I already have very reliable suppliers. Why should I use
  13. Why do suppliers in the building industry choose to use
  14. How can I purchase credit to apply for a tender? (Supplier only)
  15. How much does it cost to apply for a tender? (Suppliers Only)
  16. What type of people post tenders on
  17. Why do you charge for a tender application as opposed to an annual subscription?
  18. Where can I get further information about
  19. What products and services can I post and apply for on
Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: 1) What is is a website which allows buyers and suppliers to efficiently conduct the tendering process. It is a private sector equivalent to the public sector (Note there is no connection between these two systems). The system has been designed for use in the following sectors
- Home Improvements and extensions (Singe Contractor or Direct Labour)
- Larger commercial & residential projects(Full list of tender categories available)
- Facilities management (Broad range of service professionals and products)
- Energy Consultants (Calcualte return on investment for energy saving projects)
- Energy Suppliers (Tender for commercial electricity and gas contracts) aims to make the tendering process more efficient for buyers and suppliers, providing an efficient, user-friendly and transparent service to the industry. Unlike other players in the field our core business is in providing e-tendering services and not selling advertising space or online directory listings.

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2) How does the service work? is a quick, efficient and transparent service for both buyers and suppliers BUYERS = Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Contractors, Builders, Home owners or anyone who wishes to receive quotations for their building related project. SUPPLIERS = Companies who work in the building industry and are registered with 1. Buyers register and login to their account. Here they can post a tender for any particular building product or service they require. Posting a tender involves filling in forms specific to that building sector and uploading the relevant documentation for their tender. 2.The website then emails relevant suppliers about the tender and asks them if they would like to "Apply" for the tender. If they wish to apply for the tender the suppliers are given access to all the tender information and documentation. (Note suppliers are charged a nominal fee to Apply for the tender, this ensures only truly interested firms apply for each tender) 3.Suppliers then formulate detailed quotations specific to the buyers requirements and either: posts/emails the quotations to the buyers or simply upload the quotation to the buyers account. 4.Buyers can then make an informed decision on the product/service that best suits their needs.

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3) What website features has got to assist buyers posting tenders? is designed for buyers who have either one, or a number of building projects to manage. allows buyers to:

* Post Tenders.
* Login and manage the e-tenders they have posted and see which companies have accepted the tenders.
* Upload site plans/ building plans and other documentation to their e-tenders.
* Specify a date to which quotations for a tender must be received by.
* Specify how quotations for a tender are to be submitted. Quotations can be submitted by email, post or by uploading directly to the users account.
* Specify any additional information they may require with the quotation such as: referrals, product information, standards, examples, etc.
* Manage multiple e-tenders on their personal account.
* Manage multiple projects in their account by creating a folder for each project.
* Buyers may also notify successful and unsuccessful suppliers through a dedicated messaging service.
* And much more..

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4) What features has got to assist suppliers applying for tenders? has been designed to allow firms who supply to the building industry to quickly view, apply and manage tenders in their personal account allows suppliers to:

* Login and view or apply for available tenders.
* Access the tender information, building plans /specification documents for tenders they have applied for.
* Check the submission dates for all tenders.
* Post tenders. (E.g. builders may wish to apply for tenders posted but may also wish to post tenders for products/ contractors they need to purchase.)
* Credit their etender account using paypal so they can apply for relevant tenders
* And much more..

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5) Why do buyers choose to post tenders on

1.Quality: Buyers can request specific information in their quotations such as: standards, awards, experience, insurance levels, reference work and any other information that the buyer needs to make an informed decision regarding their purchase.

2. Price: Buyers can be assured that they are being offered a competitive price as the tender process creates competition between suppliers.

3. Control: buyers decide how they want to manage their tenders. They decide when to post the tender notice, what information to include in the tender and a suitable deadline for the receipt of quotations.

4. Time: allows buyers to submit tenders for all their building needs in one simple and central location. Quotations are received by a specified date. This means there is no need for phone books, building directories, posting out multiple copies of building plans, numerous phone calls and call backs etc etc. The service offers an efficient tendering service for all.

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6) How much does it cost to post a tender on

It is free to post tenders on All users (buyers and suppliers) can register and log into their own personal e-tender account for free also.

Therefore you can create tenders and obtain quotation specific to your needs for free. Building companies are charged a nominal fee to apply for the tenders posted on the website. If you have any queries please let us know.

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7) What control do I have over the tenders I post?

Buyers that post tenders on the website have full control over the tendering process:

1. Tenders are posted with "Tender Deadlines" i.e. all quotations are to be received by a date specified by the buyer.
2. Once submitted, tenders can be updated at any time during the tendering process.
3. Buyers can communicate with their suppliers to clear up any ambiguity during the tender process.
3. Buyers notify successful and unsuccessful companies using the e-Tender messaging service.
4. Buyers are not obliged to choose any of the companies they receive quotations from.

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8) Do I need to be technically minded to use this service?

The website is designed for users with average internet ability and an average understanding of the building category they are posting a tender in. If you are experiencing difficulty please ask your architect / quantity surveyor. Alternatively contact us at and we will be happy to help.

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9) What happens if my building category is not listed?

* Posting a Tender:

If you wish to post a tender for a building product or service that is not listed please use the category marked "Non Listed Product or Service". Fill in the questions provided and give as much details as possible about the tender. We will search for suitable suppliers and notify you if we source them.

* Registering as a supplier:

We will be expanding the number of building categories as the website develops. If your building category is not listed please fill in the submission form as normal and we will be in contact to arrange an upgrade of the website to facilitate your category.

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10) If I post a tender will my personal details be freely available on the internet?

No, we take privacy very seriously at Your personal contact details are only given to suppliers that apply for your tender. You will be notified of the suppliers who apply for your tender and they will be the only companies with access to your contact details (They pay a nominal fee to apply for your tender so only truly interested companies will have access to this data).

Companies are instructed not to put buyers contact information such as e-mail addresses on circulars unless they specifically request it.

Companies can and will be removed from if they are found to be breaching privacy rules.

Please refer to our terms and conditions for clarification

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11) How many quotations can I expect if I post a tender on

This obviously depends on the location and type of product/service being tendered for but on average you could expect 3 - 4 quotations for each tender posted, however this maybe more or less.

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12) I already have very reliable suppliers. Why should I use

1. Some of your regular suppliers may have a tendency to get price complacent. The tendering process ensures suppliers remain price competitive.
2. e-Tendering also allows you to look at new and alternate suppliers who may provide an extra service/feature which may suit your needs more effectively.
3. is an efficient means of managing the entire tendering process with new and/or existing suppliers.

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13) Why do suppliers in the building industry choose to use

1. Efficiency: Fast, efficient access to buying customers on your computer.

2. Reduced cost of sales: there is less time and money needed to source new, active leads. Your inbox will contain all the information you need to get your quotation into the buyers hands.

3. Level playing pitch: allows large multi nationals with massive marketing budgets and smaller local firms to compete on a level playing pitch on price and quality.

4. Time Saving: allows companies to prepare quotations faster. All the required information is collected in a standardised format, that means there are no phone calls looking for information, waiting for plans to be sent etc. The entire process is streamlined with

5. New Markets: allows companies to test the market in new demographic areas or with new product ranges without the need for costly marketing outlays, which may eventually prove unfruitful.

6. Access: Companies can access their account and tender notification from the office/home/on the road etc.

7. Cost: There is no other medium that can provide you with qualified leads and active projects when compared to traditional marketing tools such as radio, TV ,print media or online directories.
Note: Companies are only charged for the tenders they are interested in quoting for. Every other service on the website is free.

8. Suitable workload: presents building contractors and suppliers with a larger range of potential customers. This allows them to pick and choose only the contracts that suit their particular situation/needs at the time.

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14) How can I purchase credit to apply for a tender? (Supplier only) uses PAYPAL as its merchant account provider. Suppliers can credit their account using paypal in conjunction with their laser/visa card. Paypal is an internationally recognised provider of such services and is used widely across a wide range of web service companies such as ebay and google.

If you are having difficulty crediting your account or if you do not have a suitable laser/visa card please contact e-Tender Solutions Ltd and we will be able to make alternative arrangements. Email: or contact us through the Contact page. (Be sure to quote your username in the message)

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15) How much does it cost to apply for a tender? (Suppliers Only)

At present it is free to register for a personalised account. It is also free to post tenders on the website.

Suppliers (i.e. companies supplying to the industry) can view details of each specific tender posted on the website however they must pay a fee if they wish to apply for that tender.

The cost of applying for a tender depends on a number of factors including a) size/type of project and b) type of building product / service being tender for. The cost of applying for a tender will be clearly marked on each tender and can range from 10 euro upwards.

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17) What type of people post tenders on has been devised for people with an understanding of the building industry. While anyone with a basic knowledge of construction can use the site it has been designed especially to serve professionals such as: architects, quantity surveyors, building contractors engineers, etc.

However, if you require a quotation and are finding it difficult to understand any of the terminology please arrange for a representative to contact you by clicking on the Contact Us form. Alternatively we would encourage you to ask your architect/builder to use the service on your behalf.

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17) Why do you charge for a tender application as opposed to an annual subscription?

There are numerous building websites on the market in Ireland at present. These websites have a common trait in that they essentially sell advertising space to firms in the building industry. This means the focus of these websites is to sell advertising space with little or no emphasis on providing a tangible service to them. This is why is different

Our business model is tailored to provide a quality tendering services which benefits the buyer and supplier alike. We are a service provider as opposed to advertising sales agents.

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18) Where can I get further information about

If you have any further queries about this service please contact us using the contact form above or email us on We also appreciate any feedback you may have (positive or negative) as we strive to provide a quality service for all our users.

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19) What products and services can I post and apply for on

The following are specific categories that users can post e-tenders for on Each category has specific questions relating to it in the "Create a Tender" section. If you think that a category should be added to this list please contact us and we will consider it.

- Aggregates / Sand / Gravel suppliers
- Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems
- Archaeology Services
- Architects
- BER Energy Assessors
- Block & Brick Layers
- Block Suppliers
- Boilers (Gas/Oil)
- Brick Suppliers
- Building Automation Systems
- Building Contractors (Large Commercial)
- Building Contractors (Sml / Med Scale)
- Building Surveyors
- Carpenters
- Ceiling Contractors
- Centralised Vacuum Systems
- CHP Systems
- Civil Engineering Consultants
- Concrete Formwork
- Concrete Suppliers (Mass Concrete)
- Conservation & Restoration Specialists
- Conservatories / Sunrooms
- Consulting Engineers
- Crane Hire / Access Equipment
- Decking
- Demolition Contractors
- District Heating Systems
- Electrical Contractors
- Energy Consultants / Energy Services
- Environmental Consultants
- Excavation, Site clearance, Soil removal.
- Fire / Burglary / CCTV systems
- Fitted Furniture
- Foundation Specialists
- Groundwork Contractors
- Gutters / Fascias / Soffits
- Health & Safety Consultants & Services
- Heat Pumps (Geothermal / Others)
- Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
- Heating Contractors
- Hydro Power Systems
- Insulated Concrete Forms
- Insulation Installers
- Insulation Suppliers
- Interior Designers
- Interiors (Products)
- Land Surveyors
- Landscape Architects
- Landscapers / Gardeners
- Lifts / Elevators
- Lighting Suppliers & Specialists
- Mech. & Elec. Design Consultants
- Metal Fabrication Specialists
- Painting Contractors
- Paving & Kerbing Contractors
- Planning Consultants
- Plant hire
- Plasterers
- Plumbing Contractors
- Precast Concrete: (Flooring, Stairs, etc)
- Quantity Surveyors
- Rainwater Collection Systems
- Reedbed Wastewater Systems
- Road / Bridge Construction
- Roof Supplies (Tiles / Slate)
- Roofing Contractors
- Scaffolding / Access Equipment
- Skip hire
- Solar Panels (Hotwater)
- Solar PV / Wind Turbines / Hydro Turbines
- Steel Erectors
- Steel Suppliers
- Stone Masons
- Stone Suppliers
- Stormwater Attenuation Systems
- Surveyors
- Synthetic playing pitches
- Tarmac Contractors
- Tiling Contractors
- Timber Frame Homes
- Timber Suppliers
- Tree Surgeons / Services
- Underfloor Heating Suppliers
- Wall and Floor Finishing's
- Wastewater Treatment (Onsite / single dwelling)
- Wastewater Treatment Plants
- Water Treatment Plants
- Well Drilling
- Window and door suppliers
- Window Suppliers
- Wood Chip Boilers
- Wood Pellet Boilers
- Non Listed Products or Services

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